UV Tanning

You’ve got a party tonight and are looking for a Tanning Salon that guarantees exceptional services at jaw-dropping rates. Our highly qualified staff are fully equipped to provide you with professional services. There’s nowhere in Mississauga where you can get a better UV Tanning. Come by today or schedule an appointment to check out all our beds!

Spray Tanning

The New HD booth by Mystic Tan is the latest in UV-free tanning technology. It uses Mystic Tan’s patented MagnaTan technology and sweeping airbrush motion to give each client a perfectly uniform tan in just 90 seconds. The booth works with individual single-use tanning cartridges giving our clients the freedom to choose from a glow or Dark Bronzing Solution. There is a heater in the unit to keep you warm and comfortable during the session as well as assist in drying the solution.

Provides you with instant colour that last up to 7+ days.
Great for weddings, engagements, parties, Halloween, New Years etc.

Comes in 3 tones to choose from: Light, Medium, and Dark 

(if you're not sure which one is best for you, our staff can help you out!)

* see Mystic Information Page for more information

Natural Beauty

Laser Hair Removal & Body Contouring


Laser Hair Removal:

Using SharpLight’s Cool Laser Hair Removal system we can cater to clients of all skin types, hair colours, thicknesses and densities, ensuring we can treat all areas of the body and all client profiles. 

Main Benefits:

The following are some of the main advantages that SharpLight’s hair reduction treatments offer:

  • Permanent results are achieved.

  • Laser is a cool feeling versus the normal "hot"

  • Treatments are non-invasive, reliable and relatively painless.

  • The five pulse duration options allow for precise, flexible and safe treatments.

  • Treatments have been proven successful for thousands of satisfied clients.


Body Contouring:

Get the body you desire with SharpLight’s non-invasive/non-surgical body contouring laser treatments!

Body Contouring dissolves cellulite, eliminates fat and tightens skin to produce visibly slimmer and shapelier forms and more youthful looking skin. These results are achieved in a relatively small number of short, pain-free treatment sessions that require no down time.

Through the application of radio frequency (RF),* our body contouring therapies yield impressive results. First, the radio frequency* waves target and heat the fat cells collected beneath the skin, which causes them to break down, be absorbed by the lymphatic system and be naturally disposed of. Once the appropriate size reduction is achieved, the infrared light is applied to renew collagen cells and tighten the skin, leaving clients with the shape they desire and elastic, glowing skin. 

Main Benefits:

The following are some of the main advantages of SharpLight’s body contouring treatments:

  • Treatments effectively reduce cellulite and localized fat deposits, producing slimmer, shapelier bodies.

  • Dramatic results are obvious after a relatively small number of sessions.

  • Treatment sessions are brief (20-30 minutes) and clients can immediately return to their regular activities.

  • Treatments are excellent non-invasive, safe and pain-free alternatives to surgical procedures.

  • Treatments have been proven successful for thousands of satisfied clients.