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Is it for everyone?

  • Women: 16 years and older; under 18 requires parental consent 

  • Men: 18 years and older

  • Skin Types 1-5 only as the laser cannot detect the hair on darker colour skin 

  • No white, platinum silver, gray hair, auburn or peach fuzz 

  • Cannot laser over tattoos; must stay 1cm away to prevent ruining of the tattoo

  • Medical conditions (please call us to discuss)

  • Cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding 

  • No metal plates or pins in the treatment area

  • No implants in the treatment area

How does it work?

  • Our laser uses contact cooling which helps prevent skin burns and adds comfort to the treatment

  • We use the Fitzpatrick skin classification to determine the most appropriate skin type to prevent burning and maximize results

  • Can also help with skin pigmentation as it's the same wavelength as skin rejuvenation.

How should I prepare?

  • Wear loose clothing 

  • Do not wear any jewellery, watches, and/or reflective elements that the laser can attract too

  • Be on time; if you are running late.. give us a call!

  • 24 hour notice for cancellations

  • Hair MUST be shaved not just trimmed prior to the appointment. Avoid Epilating 6 weeks prior

  • Only shave in between sessions; no sugaring, waxing, threading, or hair removal creams before, after or in between sessions.

  • If you have any cosmetic injectables such as botox or fillers please wait 2 weeks before doing a treatment 

  • If your skin is sunburned, red or irritated, you must reschedule 

How long will it take and How much does it cost?

  • Extra Small Area: upper lip, chin, hands/fingers, feet/toes, unibrow, sideburns 
    15 minutes
    $25 per session // 6 sessions for $125 // 8 sessions for $175 // 12 sessions for $275

  • Small Area: under arms, upper lip and chin, neck, half face, stomach (naval area only), lady's shoulders, areola
    20 minutes 
    $50 per session // 6 sessions for $250 // 8 sessions for $350 // 12 sessions for $550

  • Medium Area:  Bikini or Brazilian, half arm, half back, half legs, men's shoulders, full face, buttocks, perianal, stomach (full) 
    45 minutes 
    $100 per session // 6 sessions for $500 //  8 sessions for $700 // 12 sessions for $1100

  • Large Area: Brazilian, full arms, full legs, full back, chest
    1 hour 
    $150 per session // 6 sessions for $750 // 8 sessions for $1050 //  12 sessions for $1650

  • Full Body:
    $550 per session // 6 sessions for $2800 // 8 sessions for $3850 
    * a 30 minute consultation will be booked for your first visit to discuss your medical history and treatment plan

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