body contouring

How does it work?

  • Using radio frequency technology, it works to heat up the body using friction. It begins by heating the water in your body causing the fat cells to break down and drain through your lymphatic system which will be eliminated in your urine.  

  • It is less invasive than cool sculpting and does not create tissue necrosis 

  • It helps to also produce collagen and elastin in your skin to help create a firmer more youthful look

  • Helps to fight cellulite and other skin abnormalities 

  • Requires ALOT of water drinking; this helps to drain the fat cells quicker 

  • No down time; minor redness and swelling may occur after for 1-2 days 

  • NOT liposuction

  • No limit on the amount of sessions and only a week minimum in between treatments 


Is it for everyone?

Women: 16 years or older; Under 18 requires Parental Consent 

Men: 18 years or older

* those wishing to have a slimmer more toned and contoured figure 

How much does it cost?

  • 15 Minutes- $99/Session
    (Chin, Jawline, Neck, Hands, Lower Arms)

  • 30 Minutes- $179/Session 
    (Hamstrings, Quads, Lower Legs, Upper Arms, Chin/Jawline/Neck, Abdomen, Flanks, Buttocks, Half Back)

  • 1 Hour- $250/Session 
    (Abdomen/Flanks, Full Back, Upper Legs)


  • 6 Sessions:
    15 Minutes-$500
    30 Minutes- $975
    1 Hour- $1250


  • 8 Sessions:
    15 Minutes-$700
    30 Minutes- $1300
    1 Hour- $1800

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